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18th July 2024

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Once a member you’ll have unique access to how OUR 19 TRAINERS (see full list of trainers here) rate their daily runners. Plus, each stable will also add a written summary on the horse’s well-being and how it is expected to run that day – these daily snippets of advice can be like gold-dust to use when taking on the bookies.

Members use this daily information to back, lay and even place bets on other horses in certain races based on what our trainers are saying.

The quotes from that day’s runners are published in a members’ area (as and when they come in), plus they are also collated and sent out by e-mail twice a day – the first email will go at approx. 09:30am and the second one between 11:00-11:30am.

With the trainers leading busy lives then sometimes not all the quotes are in on the first e-mail so a second ‘updated’ e-mail is sent out before 11:30am. However – don’t worry – if one of our trainers has a runner, then we’ll get you their thoughts on them all.

NOTE: As mentioned, our trainers have a lot going on, so some will even post their quotes on-line the night before. Therefore, customers can check the members’ area each evening and during that morning to get the latest info with quotes coming in all the time.

 The Early Bird Catches The Worm!

The members’ area is available 24-7, so in case you might have a problem with your e-mail provider you can always login there – all you need is an internet connection!!