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28th May 2024

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Trainers-Quotes.com Terms & Conditions

  1. Once becoming a member of Trainers-Quotes.com you therefore fully accept all the below terms and conditions, plus also agree to adhere to them for the duration of your membership. Trainers-Quotes.com will have the right at any stage to amend or modify these terms and conditions that are applicable to the ongoing use of the service provided.
  2. As soon as a member has been communicated their confirmation membership details, he/she is bound to that agreement as per the terms agreed during the registration process. Each member is forbidden in any form to pass on the daily trainer quotes that this service provides to its members to any third party. This highly confidential information is only given to members of Trainers-Quotes.com
  3. Any members that might operate, or be linked with a tipping or betting advisory service, by accepting these terms and conditions they will agree to not make betting judgements or offer any advice on horses that have been quoted against by the stables that are currently at that time part of the Trainers-Quotes.com website.
  4. Each member will agree not to share or pass on this information to other websites, person or publication, and will also be forbidden to forward the daily Trainer Quotes information by email, phone call , text message or blog. If any member (or non-member) is discovered at any stage to be passing on the confidential information provided by the Trainers-Quotes.com service they will have their membership terminated immediately without any refunds offered and in some cases may also be prosecuted.
  5. Because of the information, quotes and services the Trainers-Quotes.com website offers we will not be liable (whether a member, or non-member) for any occurred losses, damages or costs that result from, or may related to, the use any information obtained from any of our services.
  6. Members or non-members are forbidden to use the Trainers-Quotes.com website for any unlawful purpose or malpractice. Users may not replicate, download, communicate, forward, publish, advertise, disclose, translate, save, amend, or exploit any part of the Trainers-Quotes.com website, without written agreement from the site owners.
  7. Users and visitors are not permitted from using this website in any form which may be seen as damaging or overburdening or that will hinder or impact with any use of the website. When using or viewing this site you do so at your own risk.
  8. In no circumstances will Trainers-Quotes.com be held liable to you or anyone if the information provided results in actual lost profits or for incidental, indirect, or any damages that may or may not occur from the service that is provided.
  9. The Member further understands that this authority is continuous and will remain in force until cancelled in writing by The Member.
  10. Members can cancel their membership at anytime, and in the case of a free trial, if this cancellation occurs during their free trial period e.g. the first 7 days then no money will be billed. If a member cancels after becoming a full ‘paid-for’ member they will see out their terms as per the payment agreement that member is currently on, and no further money will then be taken.
  11. Payment of The Fee will show up on the Payment Card as Tipster Platforms.
  12. The free trial offer is only open to one person per household and a single email address. IP addresses are monitored and anyone found abusing the free trial offer will have their membership terminated immediately, and in some cases could be prosecuted.
  13. The Trainers-Quotes website may offer a 7 day or 14 day free trial for members, during this sign-up process no money is taken despite asking for card details – this is purely for age verification. Please note that unless clearly stated on the sign up page a free trial may not currently be available to members.
  14. Our service means we provide a web-based payment services and are, therefore, obliged in the storage, retrieval and hosting, of third party data and communications. All data obtained is held securely and is never passed onto third parties.
  15. Amendments or deletions to the Trainers-Quotes.com current terms and conditions will be placed effective immediately. These changes can be on the website, written, by e-mail, or any other means by which the website feels appropriate. By continuing to use the Trainers-Quotes.com service and website after such amendments the member (or non-member) will be deemed as acceptance and agreement by the member/users of any changes to the terms and conditions.
  16. Members agree that Trainers-Quotes.com are not held responsible for the reviewing/checking of the content, quotes and posting made by any third parties to the website and are also not held responsible for any content posted to the website that may be deemed inappropriate or damaging - Trainers-Quotes.com will not be required to adhere to any controlling procedures of the content, quotes or material published on the site.
  17. Member's will receive quotes and information on all our trainer's daily runners, but please note that there may be some horses that stables will not be permitted to give information on due to owner restrants or other factors.
  18. Trainers-Quotes.com is entitled to terminate these Terms of Use and can remove immediately, terminate or suspend access to and the use of website upon your breach of any part of these Terms and Conditions.  Termination shall be held without prejudice to the accrued rights of either party. Trainers-Quotes.com shall not be liable in any amount for the failure to perform any obligation under these Terms of Use and if such failure is caused by the occurrence of any unforeseen contingency beyond the reasonable control of such party including without limitation Internet outages, communications outages, fire, flood, war or act of God.
  19. These Terms and Conditions constitute the full agreement between the Trainers-Quotes.com website and it’s users and members, and shall at all times apply to the exclusion of all other terms or conditions of contract. Use of the Trainers-Quotes.com website and these terms are subject to the laws of England and Wales which shall exclusively govern the interpretation, application and effect of all the above permissions, exclusions, license’s and conditions of use and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. It is hereby asserted that this website is intended for and directed at the UK and no representation or warranty is made as to whether this web site complies with the regulatory regime and local laws of any other countries.
  20. There may be rare occasions when Trainers-Quotes staff will be needed to add/post quote on behalf of a stable/trainer. These will be done with the full support from the trainers and would have been notified should this happen.
  21. The Company is unable to offer The Member a refund under any circumstances and nor is The Company able to deviate in any way from the payment structure, as set out in The Agreement.

Trainers-Quotes.com Disclaimer

The information supplied by the Trainers-Quotes.com service is given to members as a guide only and should not be treated as a tipping or a betting advisory service. Trainers-Quotes.com holds no liability or accountability for any damages or losses that may occur from any information supplied within the website. Trainers-Quotes.com accepts no responsibility for the information, or any errors, contained within the daily quotes posted by our listed trainers, while is also not responsible for any information that is provided on sites or any affiliates linked from this site. Members’ agreement to this disclaimer statement will be honoured as soon as your membership starts with Trainers-Quotes.com. Please also note that there may be some cases where trainers can't give any information surrounding a particular horse.

Trainers-Quotes.com Liability

Because of the kind of information Trainers-Quotes.com receives on behalf of its members the site will not incur liability for any costs, losses or damages (from members, or non-members) that are a direct result from, or related to, the use of any information taken from the website or any email communications. In no circumstances will Trainers-Quotes.com be held liable to you or anyone such information is passed onto for actual lost profits or for incidental, indirect, or any damages that may or may not occur from the service that is provided.