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2nd March 2024


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Do you have a website with visitors interested in betting, tipping or horse racing? Sign-up in just minutes and start making money straight away. Join the www.trainers-quotes.com affiliate program today and earn a potential 30% on all sales generated from advertising us on your website.

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We'll Provide You With Everything You Need

Yes, we've got a wide range of banners of different sizes for you to use, so all the hard work has been done for you. Each banner/link will be tracked to you, while in some cases we'll even help towards send costs if you are planning a direct mail or email send.

How does the www.trainers-quotes.com Affiliate Program work?

The simple sign up process enables you to enter your contact details, and you will be allocated a unique ID so we can track how many people are successfully registering and depositing with us via your website. You will be able to log on 24/7 to see the balance of the spend of every customer that you introduce and get a massive 30% of profits paid directly into your account with zero liabilities.

(Note: We give 50% of all sales back to our trainers so at 30% our affiliates earn more than us - we're just left with 20%! However, Re-subs are excellent - second to none!)

After sign-up we can provide you with all the creative and banners you need to help promote our service.

Or, do you have a database of dedicated horse racing fans?  If so, that could also earn you a significant amount of money by promoting our trainers and the service. We'll even supply you with any content for a newsletter or database send - we're here to help, it's just a case of asking.

When a customer clicks on any of your linked banner ads or promotional database sends, they will be taken directly to the sign-up page at Trainers Quotes. Any orders placed by them for up to 90 days after they've first visited will be tracked and generate upto 30% commission for the life of that customer.

So, if you have a large amount of traffic through your website or a leading horse racing related database you have the potential to earn a significant amount of commission! Don't be left out, join a winning team right now and make easy money!

Monitor Your Affiliate Earnings 24/7

Our advanced affiliate program will also allow you to track and monitor all sales and earning online at the click of a button, while all payments will be made within the first two weeks of the following month.

Affiliate Scheme Terms and Conditions

Full details on the terms of the www.trainers-quotes.com affiliate scheme are available here.

Don't be left out, join a winning team right now and make easy money!

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