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18th April 2024

18th Mar 2021 Result 1st 3/1 – Imperial Hope – Oliver Sherwood Doncaster

Looks a nice prospect for the Sherwood camp. Original quote: "
Imperial Hope won a point-to-point in Ireland, there were only two finishers and as the pointing season was then halted hardly anything has run again since, so it’s an impossible race to asses. When he arrived here with me, Imperial Hope looked like a hat rack, he won his point on a Sunday came over to England the next day for the sales and after two days he travelled down to Lambourn, so we then gave him a quiet few weeks to recover. Imperial Hope is a tall horse who is still fairly unfurnished, he’s very chilled in himself but he does come alive once he gets upsides in his work. Not without a chance and I’m looking forward to seeing how he handles it all today but he can only improve with a good summer on his back.