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8th December 2023

28th May 2018 1st 10/1 – Westbury – Oliver Sherwood Huntingdon

Great winner for Oliver and the team. Original quote: "Westbury is the Westerner gelding I bought at Tatts Derby Sale last June. It’s been a bad winter for the babies and they would normally have been on a racecourse a couple of months ago and would now be out in the field. Goes without saying I couldn’t run them on the ground we’ve had until a couple of months ago and then it went to good to firm so quickly and I wasn’t prepared to take a chance with them - it wasn't worth the risk. I intended to keep Westbury going for one more week and if conditions hadn’t come right he was going to be roughed off, spring grass is very important to the youngsters. The babies have had such a stop start winter/spring, Manning Estate ran well a couple of weeks ago but I gave up on Laurie Come On and Felix and turned them away, they’re both fine but just backward. Westbury has been working nicely, he’s not flash but Westerners don’t tend to be, but he does seem to keep galloping and he is willing. Westbury is good to deal with in the stable but he can sometimes be a bit of a boy on the downs, he will take off occasionally for no reason, he doesn’t go far but he can cock his jaw. Nicky's horse looks the one to beat but nice to get our fella going and hoping for a nice introduction."